Friday, July 12, 2013

Life as a missionary - or as Scott calls him Elder Tourist!!!

Time to catch up on Elder Duffus mission adventures with a few late posting emails and pictures. So Elder Duffus was transferred from Darwin and we had to wait for a week till we found out where he had been transferred to.............

so YES I did get transferred and YES I am on Kangaroo Island. I don't think president likes me or wants me around him because as soon as I get to Adelaide he ships me off again lol. (Jene - I told him he had got to have these experiences as President trusted him to behave and do the things he was meant to be doing, not the other way around lol)

this last week has been interesting because after transfers i was working with heaps of different missionaries in Adelaide because we had a multizone conference so I stayed in Adelaide till saturday morning then came out to Kangaroo Island.

The island is nice and they have some really good honey here, rare bees or something. the branch president is the 3rd largest bee keeper on the island so we get free honey. I'll get some and send it home for you!!

other than that the members are really excited to have missionaries here. the island has been missionary-less for 3 years and its only been open for 2 transfers. me and elder taylor (companion) have a feeling that it will close again because after 8 weeks with his last companion he had knocked every single door on the island. So they are just going to see if at the end of this transfer if there is any investigators progressing or people with a baptismal date, then they should keep us here. There are no more houses to knock on the Island and we teach maybe 4 investigators, otherwise we just go and visit the members and try to do serve and help them out as much as possible.  but if nothing is happening towards the end of the transfer it may close again, I feel sorry for the members here because they love the missionaries and the missionary work and are trying so hard to keep us here.

Elder Taylor said I'm going to get fat because 6 - 7 nights a week they feed us. There is a chapel here, it is a house that has been rebuilt for a chapel. There are probably about 40  members on records and about 17 attending, which is pretty much one family. one of the sisters here, sister Lovegrove, served in Penrith around the time I was born and she thinks dad was the bishop at the time, it would be sister McCann back then and was in the ward for about 4 months.
i was reading the part about simba and i thought you were about to say that he died but he still there, tell him i said he is a dopey cat. (Jene - I had told him that Simba (our cat) went missing for a couple of days when we moved house and we thought he was gone for good but we found him again thankfully as I didn't know how to tell Brendan that he was gone!!)

were are going to prospect hill later to dedicate the island. its the highest point on the island so ill take photos and the member take us all over the island like seal bay and magnificent rocks or something like that

its so exciting how many  YSA's are going through the temple and how many people have the desire to serve.

nothing else has happened this week but maybe next week ill have more to write about

love you all
Hi everyone
this week has been hard!! Every door has been knocked and almost every person contacted. we have a few investigators but some live about 50 minutes away so it is hard to get out there. other than that though the members are good and referring us to everyone they know which is pretty cool. they haven't had anyone knew come to church for about 3 years so they are really desperate for something to happen while we are here on the island.
the island is pretty amazing and I just wish I had the good camera. because I would be getting some pretty amazing shots. just an excuse to get back here after the mission. I got some photos of the island and today some members are taking us out to the west end to go to some caves like the Jenolan caves! so hopefully more photos soon.  the only kangaroos I've seen are dead ones!!
man that's so exciting for Jayden!! (Jayden Halavaka, who was called to serve in the Ghana Africa) Has Hans left yet, cant remember when he is leaving? and Tipe going through the temple, that's crazy but so exciting!!
Yeah I was talking to matt last week, via email and he told me about the video that he did about Katy.  sounds really good and I cant wait to see it when I get home.  (Matt did a video as one of his projects about and its on You Tube called We are more alike than different.  this is the link if you want to check it out
so my companions name is Elder Jon Taylor and he is the great, great, great, grandson of President John Taylor!! he is the man and he is into the same movies games and everything as me. He has been on his mission for over a year from Arizona and he plays volleyball, and I got him addicted to VEGEMITE!!
That's the exciting news for the week.
love you all
 looking over Kangaroo Island from prospect hill (dad to research)

Pennington bay

this is the baptismal font for the island, which would be really great in summer but not to sure about winter lol

this is the chair that I broke - man I must be putting on the weight!
(Jene - I sent him photos from Jayden Halavaka's farewell Sunday and setting apart this week) 
Tanner is flippin tall, when did that happen????  Jayden looks so cool and happy, man I wish I was there to see him off but we will catch up when we both get home.  Ethan and Courtney's baby is really cute.
JayJay said it was this week he should get his call, so I hope everything went well with it?? so you had the mini convention, did dad have to take anyone to the hospital this time hahaha. was it MacArthur stake that hosted it?? sounds like fun but of course couldn't have been that good cause I wasn't there!!(Jene - mmm me thinks he sounds like one of his brothers - which one I wonder??) is this the week that everything happened to everyone. JayJay said Brother Manapori passed away and now Deirdre's mum is in hospital and Sister Jarman passed away as well.  I hope everyone is ok and please give them my love xx

man they changed mission prep to 7 am that is way too early haha. even we as missionaries don't study that early in the morning!! who is the mission prep teacher now?? but its great that everyone is going.  its really good preparation for a mission - guess that's why its called mission prep haha.

things are going alright over this way... taught 1 lesson this week!!! wooohooo hahaha. man its getting harder and harder to find things to do and we have been getting calls from the zone leaders and the assistants about the area. it is most likely it will be closed for a while after this transfer which really sucks because it is a really cool place to serve and the members here are awesome. its just the people here are too relaxed and comfortable with where they are at the moment, and they don't think it would be worth changing now. but other than that I'm still enjoying it... you can never get discouraged and drop your head because you will miss all the opportunities that happen in front of you.

that's about all that happened this week. went out last night to a members house who culled some kangaroos so we might get some roo mince. Also he had a whole heap of honey that got to hot so it went a different colour to usual so he cant sell it so we may be getting some honey as well. 
life's good love to all
Short history lesson about Kangaroo Island:

Kangaroo Island is Australia's third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. It lies in the state of South Australia 112 km (70 mi) south-west of Adelaide. Its closest point to the mainland is Snapper Point in Backstair Passage which is 13.5 km (8.4 mi) from the Fleurieu Peninsula.
Once occupied by Australian Aborigines, the native population disappeared after the land became an island following rising sea levels several thousand years ago. It was subsequently resettled from the early 19th century onwards, at first casually by sealers and whalers, and officially from 1836.
Since then the island's economy has been principally agricultural, with a southern rock lobster fishery and with tourism growing in importance. The largest town, and the administrative centre, is Kingscote. The island has several nature reserves to protect the remnants of its natural vegetation and native animals, with the largest and best-known being Flinders Chase National Park at the western end.

Hi everyone

so this week it has been raining like crazy and a lot of the people were stuck on their side of the island as the water was flowing across the road. And apparently I have been out for about 6 months now which is crazy because it only feels like a couple of weeks ago I was leaving home!!!

Where is celeste going on her mission?? and NIKEE GOT HER CALL> AND SHE DIDNT TELL ME? aww man another going to the Philippines.

what's in Melbourne?? footy? i have to be rushed because i dont have much time. i have an hour to write to you and president, it takes a lot of thought what i have to say to president but i will make sure that i be more specific in my emails from now on.

The spiritual highlight of this week would have to be a really powerful lesson with our investigator John. We were having trouble understanding what he needed at this time in his life and we really sought the spirit for the help that we needed. We were then given a conference DVD from 2010 from a member, and decided to show him a conference talk. We watched a talk given by Elder David A. Bednar on the "Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost" which was really powerful and bold. After the talk we asked John if he had received the Holy Ghost and he said he doesn't think so. We were then able to invite him to be baptised by water then by the HOLY GHOST. He said he would be over the moon to have the holy ghost and accepted the invitation. We left that lesson on a spiritual high and he really felt it. We were able to follow up with him on Friday and he still said that he is interested to know more about the Holy Ghost. At the end of the lesson we gave him some advice... which leads to the second point.

as you can see that we had a good lesson with John but unfortunately when we went to see if john was coming to church on Sunday he said that he doesn't need it anymore so 1 step forward and 2 steps back. i think we will leave him for a while.

missions are something to enjoy and something Levi Krix told me is that if you aren't enjoying your mission you aren't doing it right

i do thank you for the love you show for me, thank you for the encouragement and support you show, and the helpful tips that you offer. just to let you know that my companion are trying our hardest and we do see some success but a lot of it is just planting seeds.

love you allllll
have no time to email today. transfer call I'm staying on the island and elder Taylor is leaving. ill try and email you on Wednesday when I get back to the island but if you don't get one ill email next week (Jene - gotta love these ones!!!)


So yes... I am still on the island!!! But i have new companion Elder Tuilua'ai.

This week and last week were good. this week have knocked on quite a few doors, and found a few potentials so we are excited for that, we have the chance to go and teach a potential that elder Taylor said was really interested to listen but then moved to Scotland, well she is now back on the island and her best friend is sister reeves so that is another positive!! 

we are able get more study done than other missionaries because of the pace of the work here on the island, so lately i have been studying the ministry of Christ and reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. probably the favourite parable I have come across is found in mark 13:34-37. Christ advices us to watch or in other words, always continue to do the things we are commanded to do because if we get caught in the act of doing the right thing we are going to get more blessed than if we aren't.

Yes i got an email off JayJay!!!! did you think he would forget to send me an email with his mission call?? hahaha that's so crazy though, port Moresby!!!. is that the one the president peteru is in?

that's about all the insights I have for this week.

love to you all


Friday, May 24, 2013

So life has been interesting for Scott and I.  We have moved house and its taken me 5 weeks to get the internet connected, therefore we are really behind with Elder Duffus' blog.  Hope you enjoy the catch-up.

Email 1 - 25/3/13

First of all, thanks mum, I didn’t get Jayden's email me so now I have to wait a week to find out. It better be here next week!! And if he is going to Spain,  I'm coming home!!

Man it is so good to hear everyone going through the Temple, that place is going to be packed when we all get back...there will be no room for you oldies!!

How long till Tia and Robert get married, can't wait to see photos of them married. it's so crazy to think that all these people will either be married or on their missions when I get home.

That’s crazy that the girls are heading over to England and it's snowing, they won't know what going to hit them with the cold haha. It snows here sometimes, in the freezer!!! but I prefer the heat to the cold. I love coming home at night to a freezing apartment after being out all day in the sweaty sun, and having a cold bottle of water.

It was the biggest surprise to see Eddie here in Darwin. It was during sacrament and I looked back and I was like what the heck what is he doing here hahaha!!  I asked how long he is staying for and he said until Esetah gets back haha, but yer it is good to see them going to church and to the ysa activities. 4 of them moved, Eddie and his brother, Jordan and another guy for Liverpool.

Man the work is going ok, every time we find someone knew to teach, someone else drops off and so we only have 5 or 6 investigators at a time, and it's the worst when the ones that drop off seemed the most interested to learn. but other than that we taught 12 investigator lessons and a few less active and going to our families, having dinner and teaching them, And next week we are trying to go for 20 lessons and have them all progressing.

Is everyone going to start popping out babies soon?  Keep me up to date with them all. I did get the photos of  Bec's reception, I loved the boots lol.  

love you heaps  Elder Duffus :)

mmm who is the melon head here!!

I wonder if my child realises that it is illegal to take a shopping trolley home?

showering in the rain.  whats really funny about these last two photos, is that we have the same from Matt on his mission.  they are nothing alike lol

Email 2/4/13

Yes I get to email, it's just public holidays are a good time to catch people at home so we work and p day is today.

Jayden emailed me!! that's so crazy, I'm so jealous hahahaha, not really I love my mission. Other people to look out for their mission calls are Pule, Tipe and Nikee Hart. .Jayjay wrote to me and said that he has been going to everything in ysa and is so pumped to be putting his papers in 2 weeks, so keep me up to date with that as well, can't wait to hear where they are all going.

Everyone is having babies!! but it's so weird to hear that someone is married and having a baby because here in Darwin I don't think people know what marriage is... which makes it hard because we can't baptize them if they aren't.

This week has been good. we got dropped by someone that had a baptismal date but at the end of the week we were able to find 4 or 5 people who the lord has definitely been preparing.

It is now officially the wet season and every day and  we get smashed by the rain. it's horrible when it rains during the day because it stops us doing so much work... no one wants to talk to us if you're dripping wet.

yes dad, grandma was very excited to tell me about the doggies big win, she said the paper had tipped them for the wooden spoon so that's good that it might not happen.

I don't have any real exciting news this week but pray that you will hear some good news next week :)

Love you all and miss everyone

Elder Duffus

Email 7/5/13
I tell everyone about how the family moved and I tell them how excited I am that we don't have to worry about a leaking roof anymore, I feel sorry for the next people that move in. hahaha. I thought I got out of cleaning the house before we moved but it actually turned out that we were helping a family move out so we did wall cleaning windows fans and everything that I was hoping I didn't have to do. the Lord doesn't want me to miss out on the experiences ;)
I don't care about you getting rid of all my stuff, just as long as the Xbox my laptop and bike are still there hahaha. mans its so exciting that Eleisha is off on her mission now. She will get home just before me as well. I found out about Tipe in the email from Alyssa because she emailed me! that's so exciting for her. Is there a new mission opening in Sydney?
JayJay told me about dance fest and said that every Stake did really well. It seems like YSA is going really well. I cant wait for him to get his call. I told him to video record it and send it to me.
This week has been really good. we taught the most lessons this week than I have on the mission and we had some really good lessons with people. one would have to be a 22 year old Philippino named Chris. Some of the other elders helped him move his car off the road and asked for his address and we went and visited him. he was saying that every time in his life that it is getting hard or he's having a crap day the missionaries always show up. he was telling us when he lived in Canberra he went without food for 3 days because he had no money left so the missionaries met him and fed him and gave him the restoration pamphlet. he's said he read it a couple of times and felt something different. at the end of our chat with him we said a prayer and when we finished he was tearing up saying that he felt really good about us being there and that he feels like we are opening up a door within him. this is just one of the good experiences this week.

like I said I have no motivation to do the health kick thing because of a few reasons. my companion is trying to put on weight, I just burn everything off. and its too expensive to eat healthy.
the family that we have been teaching is going alright. we will find out today if they are going to get baptised soon because they need a loan for their wedding and if they don't get it they have to postpone it.
How did Tashs and Simba go with the move?  did you put butter on their feet?  have they settled in?
I will be going to a members house on Sunday at about 3pm Darwin time. so that when we are able to Skype (for no longer the 40 minutes) for mothers day.  looking forward to talking to you and dad.
love you all Elder Duffus
PS the first photo is Jason. as less active member and the second is just the clouds in the morning

 Email 13/5/13
It was good to talk to you both but as we talked yesterday, I have nothing else to tell you haha.  so I am taking your email time to write to others.
here are some photos for you.
love you Elder Duffus

Email 20/5/13

this is what we got this week - gotta love him!!  he has been transferred and we will find out where he is on Monday.


on flight q757 Elder Duffus pack 23kg

love you Elder Duffus


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here are Brendans last 2 emails and some pictures he sent us.  hope you enjoy
Email 1
HANS????!!!! Did he get his call?
Too many things are happening in YSA. Man it's so quick when everyone gets their call till the time they leave, it's exciting.
It's nice that Vern says hi but - tell Vern if she wants to say something to me write it in a letter!
I can't believe dad wanted a jelly fish tank! He wants some of the weirdest things hahaha. But I bet he would have loved all the attention from the YSA when they sang happy birthday to him. Dad how is your Samoan going? haha
Too many weddings happening. Tell the people to slow down, Ysa is going to be empty when I get back haha.
Who are the people you had staying with you?? Man you seem to always have people there, just make sure there is always a room for me!
this week has been good. I did get a new companion Elder Lacanivalu (Lathanivalu) from Fiji. He finishes in October so he is and oldie in the mission, and he is 6 ft 6. We have been working hard this week to find more people to teach. we got 25 people to allow us to come back and teach them so hopefully some/most of them become investigators and members.
Mum, you can't get around mission rules! Everything has to go to the office first... It's like praying... When we pray we can only do it through Jesus Christ! Just like sending things, You can only do it through the office. We just have to be patient. (Jene - I got in trouble cause I was trying to send a parcel directly to Darwin!!)
Dad, I don't know if I told you already but i met some bulldog fans up here (his and Scott's AFL team). One of the ladies fathers is a fan and he tells me how they are going, Has it really been since last June that they won?
Elder Marsh was the man in the MTC and i knew someone would have been trained by someone i knew. (Jene - Scott saw the missionaries in Ashfield and one of them was in the MTC with Brendan and his trainer served in Penrith Ward).
Sorry for wishing you a happy 52nd birthday dad, i knew you would be 52 by the time i got home and that's the only thing i could remember haha
I love you all, and tell everyone I'm still waiting for letters
Elder Duffus

at the crocodile cruise

working hard

looking happy and healthy

with his trainer - Elder Vanisi

yes that is a frog on his head!!
Email 2

Mum and Dad!
This week has been good. Got 3 new investigators but they are all single sisters!! so we have to get members there so we can teach them. I am happy, Darwin is the best, I'm just waiting for dry season because everyone says it's so nice because it its humid and there is never a cloud in the sky.
The shot of the sunset is at a place called East point. Dad probably knows about east point. It's a historic place. I try and take heaps of photos but i never take my camera during the week only on Mondays but i get some good photos. I will try and send some more.

Mum, It had to be done! (Jene - sending the parcel to the mission home) i can wait, the first one still hasn't come so I'm thinking they sent it to Alice or something, what was in it? anything important?

Man YSA sounds like it's going crazy, everyone is getting involved!! how are they doing it? Just keep it going and make sure they don't fizzle out and let it get boring!
Does it feel like a year since you were in England?  the time has gone so wuickly and so many things have happened and changes that we have gone through.  If it has gone that quickly just think how quick it will be for me to come home - well quick for you, I dont want it to go quickly.

 Man i hope Jayden gets his call soon, It's so exciting that everyone is going.

TELL HANS I HATE HIM!!!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO SPANISH SPEAKING.  Man that is soooooo exciting. Gets his address please so i can send him a letter! He was supposed to come to Adelaide mission hahaha. its alright is still have Jayden and JayJay. they can come here with me.
That's it from me ... Have a good week!
Love Elder Duffus

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two more - Catch up continues

Email 3
only had 30 mins and i have to write to president first Im out of time for email i will write a letter

Elder Duffus

Jene - Lol you have to love these types of emails don’t you!!

Letter from Elder Duffus
Hi Mum and Dad

Has Emily Pauna left yet?  if she has that was quick. Man it is so exciting to hear how many people are putting their papers in back home, keep it up and tell them to come to Adelaide haha.  The American missionaries were saying that the MTC (mission training centre) was packed before the age drop so we can't imagine how crowded it is now.
Dean is going to the Philippines as well, how many people are going there?? that’s so crazy.  tell him and Hans to write to me, man I miss those guys. it seems like everyone is leaving for their mission, its going to empty when I get home lol.

I told dad that some people here are saying that the next best time to go on a cruise would be January…………. 2015, when I get home!!  and really you are going to go to Hawaii without me???  and you are finally moving house - yay, I better have a bedroom!!
Just thinking about Tia and Robert, man I am so excited for them and what they are going through and planning for.  Hopefully Nathan and Matt are moving towards doing the same thing!!

I'm doing fine here in Darwin and the work is going well.  But sadly, both Elder Vanisi and I feel the he will be transferred this week back down south.  Elder Vanisi is the man!!  He played for Tonga in the under 20's in the world cup all around Europe.  He lives on Nuku'Alofa and went to the Liahona school.  He is the oldest of 6 kids, 2 sisters and 4 brothers and his little brother has just been called to serve in Guam and he has been on his mission now for 10 months.  And, yes mum I do know that Elder Akeripa is Lowlah and Ula's brother!!
Oh by the way, I killed a brown snake this week with a lawn mower, I was very proud of myself but it also scared me as I nearly stepped on it.  it was about a meter long!!

man writing is hard work, don’t expect too much of this (writing letters).  Dad, I don’t know how you did this for 2 years back in the black and white days!! but can you send me some stamps, envelopes and writing pads - they are expensive.
love you heaps and miss the family and everyone

Elder Duffus
Email 4

Hi Mum and Dad

I just got back from the airport, as it was transfers and I had to take the missionaries, including Elder Vanisi.

Man the mission has been crazy the last couple of days. With the transfers here... Every companionship here in Darwin got separated with 4 missionaries going down south and one moving to another area, I was one of the lucky ones to be staying.

I'm a little sad that Elder Vanisi has left but I'll get over it... and I will be getting a Fijian as a companion and he will be district leader. I dont remember talking to a Sister Simpson, and everyone asks if I know her and they describe her as the good looking sister, but I can't remember who she is! (Jene - I spoke with Sister Simpson last week who has just finished her mission and she served in Adelaide.  She was at the mission home the day Brendan arrived as she was preparing to finish her mission and come home.  She remembers talking to him or at least seeing him.)

Thats great news that Hannah (Arnold) got her mission call and is going to serve in Perth. I'm so excited to hear about Hans call, hopefully it will come before you email me this next week. Its so crazy that Ethan Neill and Daniel Sherriff are home already.  that went so quickly, well it seemed it did to me.

This is part of the email I sent to president this week and thought I would send it to you as well (so I don’t have to think about what else I have to write lol...

One of the core experiences with Heavenly Father this week would have to be an answers to my prayers. This week we had a few potentials investigators that we really wanted to catch up with and teach but the numbers they had given us was wrong and they didn't give us an address.

The main person was, Fidel, and he seemed really interested in the things we talked to him about and said to come back, But lately we have been getting some wrong addresses and numbers to contact people with. I prayed to be able to meet up with Fidel again and teach him and Heavenly Father answered that prayer. Elder Vanisi and I were riding And saw a young boy who waved at us so we went and talked to him and asked if his parents were home... And Fidel walked out the door. I was shocked and laughed a little because he was shocked to see us but he allowed us to teach a lesson and to get a return appointment. We have been back since and he said it makes him happy to read the words of God (The Book of Mormon). This was our main experience this week.

I haven't seen Debra Rogers yet but it was good that she saw us.  The area that she saw me isn't in my area as its in Nightcliff, but I'll keep an eye out for her.

Get Nathan to write to me, because he is the only one who hasn't yet!!!

Love you all

Elder Duffus

Catch up time with Elder Duffus' emails

With our holiday and getting back into work we are a little behind with Elder Duffus' emails, so here are the last couple that we have received.  I hope you enjoy.


Email 1

Hi Mum and Dad

Oh mum, when are you gonna realise that you can't be in any kind of light without being sunburnt?!! So cruising is fun? maybe you should plan one for when I get back! It's nice to know that my parents are getting fat on a cruise while there son is in Darwin sweating out the little food that he eats!!

Man the work this week has gotten better, a few more investigators that are looking pretty solid! I had a trade off with the District Leader and that was great seeing how everyone else works and what ways of teaching is the most effective for them. We got one baptism date this week, an Aboriginal Lady name Louanna, she is keen to learn but she just went back to Alice Springs for a couple of weeks for a funeral so we will catch up with her when she gets back.

The teaching is getting easier, I'm getting more comfortable with teaching people and to stop and talk to people. After the trade off with Elder Holmes (the District Leader), he said that I'm already starting to be a great missionary. I think that because he is letting me that's why I'm getting comfortable teaching!

I haven't got my parcel yet but President Carter is here at the moment so I can ask him what's happening with that. I really can't think of anything I need at the moment. Everything seems to be going fine.

We went on a croc cruise today with Elder Watson (Area Presidency) and got some good photos of the group and some crocs but I forgot to bring the connection for the computer so I'll send them next week. Just wondering if the stuff from Deseret Books came through yet?  If so can you send me that stuff please.

Man, that's heaps good news about Keiana, is she excited to be serving in the Wellington Mission? I know silly question of course she is. Has Dean or Hans or anyone else get theirs yet?

That's all this week!! talk next week

Love you all

Elder Duffus

Email 2

Hi mum and dad!!

Since Friday when I sent you the last email and as you guessed, nothing more has really happened. I'm on trade off with Elder Faamausili from Melbourne. This week we are aiming for some big numbers and we really need to achieve this goal. The work is going well and I still love everything about it.

I think it is about time to move to maybe a house where the roof is on properly!! The weather here in Darwin has been crazy, as they are having a late wet season. It rained heavily for a couple of hours yesterday and this morning it rained even heavier. but having said that, its fun just standing in the rain though. Our house would definitely not last a day here in Darwin, you would have the buckets out every day haha.

That is so exciting about Eleisha!! can't believe she is going to the Philippines, she's going to love it. Elder Vanisi's cousin just got her call to the Philippines as well and may be going on that day, he said she goes sometime in May?? So out of all the girls that have put their papers in from home, none have gotten their call to Australia!!! that's so crazy and exciting and gay at the same time hahah, as the boys have been called to Australia and the girls are being sent overseas.

That is pretty much all I have to say at the moment but there should be more next week!

Love you heaps

Elder Duffus

We had this posted onto face book by Lowlah, whose brother is Elder Duffus' zone leader


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

21st January - 29th January 2013

Hi everyone

Here are the next 2 installments from Elder Duffus.  My questions are at the begining of the paragraphs - i guess he found it easy to respond and not forget anything lol.

Email 1: 21/1/13

Mum, you remembered to email this week!!
So how are you going??
I'm going good! the work is going strong and we were able to find and teach a lot of people. Elder Vanisi is now giving me the lead and I've started leading the lessons and leading the contacting. he's a good trainer like that! shows me how it is done then slowly makes me do it so i can learn.
How's the work?
The goal for Darwin branch is 46 baptisms this year!! seems crazy but you divide it out to 5 companion ships and that's 9 each over the year, and people are really receptive to the message up here. everyone is so friendly and they are always up for a chat even though they don't want to hear the message! the investigators we have are very good at keeping commitments as well. before i came Elder Vanisi and Elder Sextons committed a couple to get married so Lauren can get baptised... so they are getting married in 3 months!! that's just one story!
How are you coping with the weather and the humidity?
At first the weather was hard to get used to but now i love it! especially now it's wet season and we have been having monsoons for the last few days. its cooled down heaps and hasn't been to humid! all the locals said when it gets to dry season it doesn't get very humid and the temperature doesn't usually reach past 30, so I'm looking forward to that... if I'm still here then! it's fun because most nights it's raining heavy so the ride home is always fun.
Have you seen anyone that you know up there yet??
I have not seen anyone yet. I don't know if i will, i haven't seen aunty Debbie either. you will have to find out what suburb she lives in so if I'm there I can say hi to her. At the moment we are one the bikes! And my legs are going to be huge after! but there are 3 cars up here and they always pick us up if we need to go places like church and emails. Elder Vanisi is still good and no I can't speak Tongan because he tries not to speak it because he doesn't feel it will help him on his mission.
it's crazy how so many people are going out now. I'm excited to hear where everyone is going.
That's all I have to write about this week!
love everyone lots
Elder Duffus
Email 2: 29/1/13
Mum! you ask too many questions hahah!!
Australia day was hot and I was on trade off with the zone leader. we worked and talked to heaps of drunks! the branch did have an activity day on but we didn't go to it. Yes Brother and Sister Matua are here in Darwin, I talked to them when I first got here, I knew they looked familiar! (Jene - This couple were from Hebersham Stake and taught institute last year - and it was the class Brendan attended - shows how much notice he took!!)
the weather is good here. very humid but always sunny. Got a nice watch tan already. it's nice when it rains, the water isn't cold so we just sit in it at the end of the night. No the bad weather isn't hitting us, although they did put us on cyclone warning last weekend but nothing happened.
We are teaching heaps. we are focusing on former investigator this week and we got 2 or 3 solid potential baptisms from one family and some referrals for others. We have one baptism date at the moment and that is on the 9th of march.  We had a 17 year old named Lance who had set the date to be baptised but we got a text off him to say that his parents wouldnt let him be baptised, and whats really weird is that we got another baptismal date for another investigator.
I got mail of JayJay today! and i know mum i make sure you get an email because I'm to close to home to not send one. it's very easy for you to 'accidently' come to Darwin and hit me hahaha. (Jene - you may have guessed that I have told him that he cant forget to email home each week!!)
I got a new camera its going good.  I got one that is water proof, freeze proof shock proof with 1 year extended and a memory card! bargain i say. it would probably be best if you sent some usbs up and i will download it onto them and send them back.
man YSA sounds fun! It's good to hear everyone is going well. I was excited to hear that jj Richard, Iyrah and Andrea are all doing mission prep!! Any new mission calls this week. Man everyone will be married or on their missions by the time I get back.
Elder Williams if the man! helooks like the type that would play cricket and thats probably why you chose him for your team lol (Jene - Scott ran into a missionary at a Liverpool activity that was in the MTC with Brendan)
I wont be emailing till next Friday. P day has changed because President Carter and Elder Watson are coming up so they changed it to Friday.
I want everyone to serve a mission so encourage them all. Thank you for everything you did for me and continue doing for me! get everyone to write to me!!
Love you Lots
Elder Duffus
for those that would like to write to him, hes address is:
Adelaide Australia Mission
PO Box 97
Marden SA 5070
Hope you enyoy
Scott and Jene xxx