Tuesday, January 29, 2013

21st January - 29th January 2013

Hi everyone

Here are the next 2 installments from Elder Duffus.  My questions are at the begining of the paragraphs - i guess he found it easy to respond and not forget anything lol.

Email 1: 21/1/13

Mum, you remembered to email this week!!
So how are you going??
I'm going good! the work is going strong and we were able to find and teach a lot of people. Elder Vanisi is now giving me the lead and I've started leading the lessons and leading the contacting. he's a good trainer like that! shows me how it is done then slowly makes me do it so i can learn.
How's the work?
The goal for Darwin branch is 46 baptisms this year!! seems crazy but you divide it out to 5 companion ships and that's 9 each over the year, and people are really receptive to the message up here. everyone is so friendly and they are always up for a chat even though they don't want to hear the message! the investigators we have are very good at keeping commitments as well. before i came Elder Vanisi and Elder Sextons committed a couple to get married so Lauren can get baptised... so they are getting married in 3 months!! that's just one story!
How are you coping with the weather and the humidity?
At first the weather was hard to get used to but now i love it! especially now it's wet season and we have been having monsoons for the last few days. its cooled down heaps and hasn't been to humid! all the locals said when it gets to dry season it doesn't get very humid and the temperature doesn't usually reach past 30, so I'm looking forward to that... if I'm still here then! it's fun because most nights it's raining heavy so the ride home is always fun.
Have you seen anyone that you know up there yet??
I have not seen anyone yet. I don't know if i will, i haven't seen aunty Debbie either. you will have to find out what suburb she lives in so if I'm there I can say hi to her. At the moment we are one the bikes! And my legs are going to be huge after! but there are 3 cars up here and they always pick us up if we need to go places like church and emails. Elder Vanisi is still good and no I can't speak Tongan because he tries not to speak it because he doesn't feel it will help him on his mission.
it's crazy how so many people are going out now. I'm excited to hear where everyone is going.
That's all I have to write about this week!
love everyone lots
Elder Duffus
Email 2: 29/1/13
Mum! you ask too many questions hahah!!
Australia day was hot and I was on trade off with the zone leader. we worked and talked to heaps of drunks! the branch did have an activity day on but we didn't go to it. Yes Brother and Sister Matua are here in Darwin, I talked to them when I first got here, I knew they looked familiar! (Jene - This couple were from Hebersham Stake and taught institute last year - and it was the class Brendan attended - shows how much notice he took!!)
the weather is good here. very humid but always sunny. Got a nice watch tan already. it's nice when it rains, the water isn't cold so we just sit in it at the end of the night. No the bad weather isn't hitting us, although they did put us on cyclone warning last weekend but nothing happened.
We are teaching heaps. we are focusing on former investigator this week and we got 2 or 3 solid potential baptisms from one family and some referrals for others. We have one baptism date at the moment and that is on the 9th of march.  We had a 17 year old named Lance who had set the date to be baptised but we got a text off him to say that his parents wouldnt let him be baptised, and whats really weird is that we got another baptismal date for another investigator.
I got mail of JayJay today! and i know mum i make sure you get an email because I'm to close to home to not send one. it's very easy for you to 'accidently' come to Darwin and hit me hahaha. (Jene - you may have guessed that I have told him that he cant forget to email home each week!!)
I got a new camera its going good.  I got one that is water proof, freeze proof shock proof with 1 year extended and a memory card! bargain i say. it would probably be best if you sent some usbs up and i will download it onto them and send them back.
man YSA sounds fun! It's good to hear everyone is going well. I was excited to hear that jj Richard, Iyrah and Andrea are all doing mission prep!! Any new mission calls this week. Man everyone will be married or on their missions by the time I get back.
Elder Williams if the man! helooks like the type that would play cricket and thats probably why you chose him for your team lol (Jene - Scott ran into a missionary at a Liverpool activity that was in the MTC with Brendan)
I wont be emailing till next Friday. P day has changed because President Carter and Elder Watson are coming up so they changed it to Friday.
I want everyone to serve a mission so encourage them all. Thank you for everything you did for me and continue doing for me! get everyone to write to me!!
Love you Lots
Elder Duffus
for those that would like to write to him, hes address is:
Adelaide Australia Mission
PO Box 97
Marden SA 5070
Hope you enyoy
Scott and Jene xxx

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