Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here are Brendans last 2 emails and some pictures he sent us.  hope you enjoy
Email 1
HANS????!!!! Did he get his call?
Too many things are happening in YSA. Man it's so quick when everyone gets their call till the time they leave, it's exciting.
It's nice that Vern says hi but - tell Vern if she wants to say something to me write it in a letter!
I can't believe dad wanted a jelly fish tank! He wants some of the weirdest things hahaha. But I bet he would have loved all the attention from the YSA when they sang happy birthday to him. Dad how is your Samoan going? haha
Too many weddings happening. Tell the people to slow down, Ysa is going to be empty when I get back haha.
Who are the people you had staying with you?? Man you seem to always have people there, just make sure there is always a room for me!
this week has been good. I did get a new companion Elder Lacanivalu (Lathanivalu) from Fiji. He finishes in October so he is and oldie in the mission, and he is 6 ft 6. We have been working hard this week to find more people to teach. we got 25 people to allow us to come back and teach them so hopefully some/most of them become investigators and members.
Mum, you can't get around mission rules! Everything has to go to the office first... It's like praying... When we pray we can only do it through Jesus Christ! Just like sending things, You can only do it through the office. We just have to be patient. (Jene - I got in trouble cause I was trying to send a parcel directly to Darwin!!)
Dad, I don't know if I told you already but i met some bulldog fans up here (his and Scott's AFL team). One of the ladies fathers is a fan and he tells me how they are going, Has it really been since last June that they won?
Elder Marsh was the man in the MTC and i knew someone would have been trained by someone i knew. (Jene - Scott saw the missionaries in Ashfield and one of them was in the MTC with Brendan and his trainer served in Penrith Ward).
Sorry for wishing you a happy 52nd birthday dad, i knew you would be 52 by the time i got home and that's the only thing i could remember haha
I love you all, and tell everyone I'm still waiting for letters
Elder Duffus

at the crocodile cruise

working hard

looking happy and healthy

with his trainer - Elder Vanisi

yes that is a frog on his head!!
Email 2

Mum and Dad!
This week has been good. Got 3 new investigators but they are all single sisters!! so we have to get members there so we can teach them. I am happy, Darwin is the best, I'm just waiting for dry season because everyone says it's so nice because it its humid and there is never a cloud in the sky.
The shot of the sunset is at a place called East point. Dad probably knows about east point. It's a historic place. I try and take heaps of photos but i never take my camera during the week only on Mondays but i get some good photos. I will try and send some more.

Mum, It had to be done! (Jene - sending the parcel to the mission home) i can wait, the first one still hasn't come so I'm thinking they sent it to Alice or something, what was in it? anything important?

Man YSA sounds like it's going crazy, everyone is getting involved!! how are they doing it? Just keep it going and make sure they don't fizzle out and let it get boring!
Does it feel like a year since you were in England?  the time has gone so wuickly and so many things have happened and changes that we have gone through.  If it has gone that quickly just think how quick it will be for me to come home - well quick for you, I dont want it to go quickly.

 Man i hope Jayden gets his call soon, It's so exciting that everyone is going.

TELL HANS I HATE HIM!!!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO SPANISH SPEAKING.  Man that is soooooo exciting. Gets his address please so i can send him a letter! He was supposed to come to Adelaide mission hahaha. its alright is still have Jayden and JayJay. they can come here with me.
That's it from me ... Have a good week!
Love Elder Duffus

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two more - Catch up continues

Email 3
only had 30 mins and i have to write to president first Im out of time for email i will write a letter

Elder Duffus

Jene - Lol you have to love these types of emails don’t you!!

Letter from Elder Duffus
Hi Mum and Dad

Has Emily Pauna left yet?  if she has that was quick. Man it is so exciting to hear how many people are putting their papers in back home, keep it up and tell them to come to Adelaide haha.  The American missionaries were saying that the MTC (mission training centre) was packed before the age drop so we can't imagine how crowded it is now.
Dean is going to the Philippines as well, how many people are going there?? that’s so crazy.  tell him and Hans to write to me, man I miss those guys. it seems like everyone is leaving for their mission, its going to empty when I get home lol.

I told dad that some people here are saying that the next best time to go on a cruise would be January…………. 2015, when I get home!!  and really you are going to go to Hawaii without me???  and you are finally moving house - yay, I better have a bedroom!!
Just thinking about Tia and Robert, man I am so excited for them and what they are going through and planning for.  Hopefully Nathan and Matt are moving towards doing the same thing!!

I'm doing fine here in Darwin and the work is going well.  But sadly, both Elder Vanisi and I feel the he will be transferred this week back down south.  Elder Vanisi is the man!!  He played for Tonga in the under 20's in the world cup all around Europe.  He lives on Nuku'Alofa and went to the Liahona school.  He is the oldest of 6 kids, 2 sisters and 4 brothers and his little brother has just been called to serve in Guam and he has been on his mission now for 10 months.  And, yes mum I do know that Elder Akeripa is Lowlah and Ula's brother!!
Oh by the way, I killed a brown snake this week with a lawn mower, I was very proud of myself but it also scared me as I nearly stepped on it.  it was about a meter long!!

man writing is hard work, don’t expect too much of this (writing letters).  Dad, I don’t know how you did this for 2 years back in the black and white days!! but can you send me some stamps, envelopes and writing pads - they are expensive.
love you heaps and miss the family and everyone

Elder Duffus
Email 4

Hi Mum and Dad

I just got back from the airport, as it was transfers and I had to take the missionaries, including Elder Vanisi.

Man the mission has been crazy the last couple of days. With the transfers here... Every companionship here in Darwin got separated with 4 missionaries going down south and one moving to another area, I was one of the lucky ones to be staying.

I'm a little sad that Elder Vanisi has left but I'll get over it... and I will be getting a Fijian as a companion and he will be district leader. I dont remember talking to a Sister Simpson, and everyone asks if I know her and they describe her as the good looking sister, but I can't remember who she is! (Jene - I spoke with Sister Simpson last week who has just finished her mission and she served in Adelaide.  She was at the mission home the day Brendan arrived as she was preparing to finish her mission and come home.  She remembers talking to him or at least seeing him.)

Thats great news that Hannah (Arnold) got her mission call and is going to serve in Perth. I'm so excited to hear about Hans call, hopefully it will come before you email me this next week. Its so crazy that Ethan Neill and Daniel Sherriff are home already.  that went so quickly, well it seemed it did to me.

This is part of the email I sent to president this week and thought I would send it to you as well (so I don’t have to think about what else I have to write lol...

One of the core experiences with Heavenly Father this week would have to be an answers to my prayers. This week we had a few potentials investigators that we really wanted to catch up with and teach but the numbers they had given us was wrong and they didn't give us an address.

The main person was, Fidel, and he seemed really interested in the things we talked to him about and said to come back, But lately we have been getting some wrong addresses and numbers to contact people with. I prayed to be able to meet up with Fidel again and teach him and Heavenly Father answered that prayer. Elder Vanisi and I were riding And saw a young boy who waved at us so we went and talked to him and asked if his parents were home... And Fidel walked out the door. I was shocked and laughed a little because he was shocked to see us but he allowed us to teach a lesson and to get a return appointment. We have been back since and he said it makes him happy to read the words of God (The Book of Mormon). This was our main experience this week.

I haven't seen Debra Rogers yet but it was good that she saw us.  The area that she saw me isn't in my area as its in Nightcliff, but I'll keep an eye out for her.

Get Nathan to write to me, because he is the only one who hasn't yet!!!

Love you all

Elder Duffus

Catch up time with Elder Duffus' emails

With our holiday and getting back into work we are a little behind with Elder Duffus' emails, so here are the last couple that we have received.  I hope you enjoy.


Email 1

Hi Mum and Dad

Oh mum, when are you gonna realise that you can't be in any kind of light without being sunburnt?!! So cruising is fun? maybe you should plan one for when I get back! It's nice to know that my parents are getting fat on a cruise while there son is in Darwin sweating out the little food that he eats!!

Man the work this week has gotten better, a few more investigators that are looking pretty solid! I had a trade off with the District Leader and that was great seeing how everyone else works and what ways of teaching is the most effective for them. We got one baptism date this week, an Aboriginal Lady name Louanna, she is keen to learn but she just went back to Alice Springs for a couple of weeks for a funeral so we will catch up with her when she gets back.

The teaching is getting easier, I'm getting more comfortable with teaching people and to stop and talk to people. After the trade off with Elder Holmes (the District Leader), he said that I'm already starting to be a great missionary. I think that because he is letting me that's why I'm getting comfortable teaching!

I haven't got my parcel yet but President Carter is here at the moment so I can ask him what's happening with that. I really can't think of anything I need at the moment. Everything seems to be going fine.

We went on a croc cruise today with Elder Watson (Area Presidency) and got some good photos of the group and some crocs but I forgot to bring the connection for the computer so I'll send them next week. Just wondering if the stuff from Deseret Books came through yet?  If so can you send me that stuff please.

Man, that's heaps good news about Keiana, is she excited to be serving in the Wellington Mission? I know silly question of course she is. Has Dean or Hans or anyone else get theirs yet?

That's all this week!! talk next week

Love you all

Elder Duffus

Email 2

Hi mum and dad!!

Since Friday when I sent you the last email and as you guessed, nothing more has really happened. I'm on trade off with Elder Faamausili from Melbourne. This week we are aiming for some big numbers and we really need to achieve this goal. The work is going well and I still love everything about it.

I think it is about time to move to maybe a house where the roof is on properly!! The weather here in Darwin has been crazy, as they are having a late wet season. It rained heavily for a couple of hours yesterday and this morning it rained even heavier. but having said that, its fun just standing in the rain though. Our house would definitely not last a day here in Darwin, you would have the buckets out every day haha.

That is so exciting about Eleisha!! can't believe she is going to the Philippines, she's going to love it. Elder Vanisi's cousin just got her call to the Philippines as well and may be going on that day, he said she goes sometime in May?? So out of all the girls that have put their papers in from home, none have gotten their call to Australia!!! that's so crazy and exciting and gay at the same time hahah, as the boys have been called to Australia and the girls are being sent overseas.

That is pretty much all I have to say at the moment but there should be more next week!

Love you heaps

Elder Duffus

We had this posted onto face book by Lowlah, whose brother is Elder Duffus' zone leader