Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catch up time with Elder Duffus' emails

With our holiday and getting back into work we are a little behind with Elder Duffus' emails, so here are the last couple that we have received.  I hope you enjoy.


Email 1

Hi Mum and Dad

Oh mum, when are you gonna realise that you can't be in any kind of light without being sunburnt?!! So cruising is fun? maybe you should plan one for when I get back! It's nice to know that my parents are getting fat on a cruise while there son is in Darwin sweating out the little food that he eats!!

Man the work this week has gotten better, a few more investigators that are looking pretty solid! I had a trade off with the District Leader and that was great seeing how everyone else works and what ways of teaching is the most effective for them. We got one baptism date this week, an Aboriginal Lady name Louanna, she is keen to learn but she just went back to Alice Springs for a couple of weeks for a funeral so we will catch up with her when she gets back.

The teaching is getting easier, I'm getting more comfortable with teaching people and to stop and talk to people. After the trade off with Elder Holmes (the District Leader), he said that I'm already starting to be a great missionary. I think that because he is letting me that's why I'm getting comfortable teaching!

I haven't got my parcel yet but President Carter is here at the moment so I can ask him what's happening with that. I really can't think of anything I need at the moment. Everything seems to be going fine.

We went on a croc cruise today with Elder Watson (Area Presidency) and got some good photos of the group and some crocs but I forgot to bring the connection for the computer so I'll send them next week. Just wondering if the stuff from Deseret Books came through yet?  If so can you send me that stuff please.

Man, that's heaps good news about Keiana, is she excited to be serving in the Wellington Mission? I know silly question of course she is. Has Dean or Hans or anyone else get theirs yet?

That's all this week!! talk next week

Love you all

Elder Duffus

Email 2

Hi mum and dad!!

Since Friday when I sent you the last email and as you guessed, nothing more has really happened. I'm on trade off with Elder Faamausili from Melbourne. This week we are aiming for some big numbers and we really need to achieve this goal. The work is going well and I still love everything about it.

I think it is about time to move to maybe a house where the roof is on properly!! The weather here in Darwin has been crazy, as they are having a late wet season. It rained heavily for a couple of hours yesterday and this morning it rained even heavier. but having said that, its fun just standing in the rain though. Our house would definitely not last a day here in Darwin, you would have the buckets out every day haha.

That is so exciting about Eleisha!! can't believe she is going to the Philippines, she's going to love it. Elder Vanisi's cousin just got her call to the Philippines as well and may be going on that day, he said she goes sometime in May?? So out of all the girls that have put their papers in from home, none have gotten their call to Australia!!! that's so crazy and exciting and gay at the same time hahah, as the boys have been called to Australia and the girls are being sent overseas.

That is pretty much all I have to say at the moment but there should be more next week!

Love you heaps

Elder Duffus

We had this posted onto face book by Lowlah, whose brother is Elder Duffus' zone leader


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