Monday, January 7, 2013

First contact

We have had a couple of emails and a letter so I will combine all of them. Hope you enjoy the start of the journey.

Email 1

Hi Mum and Dad

We just got back from the temple after 2 sessions! My room mate and 3 others went through for the first time, it was a really good experience. the MTC (Mission Training Centre) is hard but am enjoying it. The classes are none stop all day but the District I'm in is heaps cool, because there are only 53 missionaries in this MTC everyone is really tight and good friends. It's good to know that there is always someone to turn to and rely on.

Over the Christmas period we has a heap of General Authorities come here. I was hoping it would be more physical activities and games but then I realised we are not in YSA here!! They all had great points to give to us and good tips for being a great missionary.

I'm glad I came on a mission, I'm glad for the example that you all set for me and the support you and everyone have given me. I'm glad I made the decision to serve my Heavenly Father and through hard work I will become a good missionary.

Love you all heaps.
Elder Duffus

whilst it was great to hear from him it left us with more questions, thankfully a few days later we got a letter from him, which answered a few of our questions.



I'm so glad that I chose to serve a mission, I can feel the blessings already. The first Sunday away from home is the hardest.

Its so cool here in the MTC. There are so many going to serve in Adelaide with me. The MTC president scared my by pulling me into his office and said "well Elder you must have done something wrong before you came because my counsellors and I were up all night praying for you and you have been called as a District Leader while in the MTC, almost had a heart attack!! Sister Salanoa is going well, most of the Sydney people have callings here, Elder Shaydon Wirehira is a Zone Leader.

you know how i wanted to go to Spain for my mission, well i got the next best thing - i got the next best thing - a Spanish companion!! He is serving in Sydney, but another one of my room mates is also serving in Adelaide as well.

We got to teach a lady yesterday and that was a great experience to see how Elder Moncho and I would work together and I feel we did ok.

President told us that Elder John Groberg will be coming to the MTC to talk to us - I hope Matthew will be jealous haha. (Jene - Elder Groberg was a missionary sent to serve in Tonga in the 1950s and a movie called the Other Side of Heaven was made about his experiences.) We also have Elder Hamula coming soon, so the next few days will be packed with great experiences and i cant wait.

We just got news that Evan might hit Auckland as well so we are preparing for that at the moment.

I love and miss you all but I cant wait to get out into the field and start teaching. I am safe, happy and doing well. I love the example that you all have set for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Love Elder Duffus

Jene - In my email i had told him that he didn't tell us very much and left us with many questions. We also told him that we were told that one of his teachers was a cousin from a YSA from Hebersham Stake, as well as telling him about convention and our upcoming cruise.

Email 2

Mum and Dad

There really wasn't much to write. Yes Ruth's cousin was our teacher for 2 lessons. I totally forgot about convention and that it was on till New Years Day, but you guys would be used to having no sleep by now haha. It good that dad is always on Facebook now but he does have us as sons!!

Mmmm yes the cruise - i thought that was a joke haha I hope you guys have fun being by yourselves because as soon as I get back you have to take me everywhere with you hahahaha

Thats so crazy about all the calls and I cant believe they leave so soon. tell the all I'm so excited for them.

and I cant really think of anything that you can send me at the moment but as it gets closer to going to Adelaide I'm sure I will think of something.

My companion is from Valencia and another is from Columbia who also speaks Spanish.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to those who became engaged (Sarah Krix to Alex and Daniel and Cheri) thats great news.

love you
Elder Duffus

On top of the letter and emails, Marina a lady I work with, is currently visiting her family in NZ as her brother has just finished his mission. He is the only member in his family. Marina and her brother took the time to go and visit Brendan in the MTC and take him some treats. They got him out of class and managed to get a photo with him. It was so so good to see him in his current environment and he looks every bit a missionary, thank you Marina and David for doing this.

 Elder Duffus arrives in Adelaide this coming Wednesday, so we are praying that the weather cools down a little bit by then. Hope you enjoy his update.

Scott and Jene

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