Friday, May 24, 2013

So life has been interesting for Scott and I.  We have moved house and its taken me 5 weeks to get the internet connected, therefore we are really behind with Elder Duffus' blog.  Hope you enjoy the catch-up.

Email 1 - 25/3/13

First of all, thanks mum, I didn’t get Jayden's email me so now I have to wait a week to find out. It better be here next week!! And if he is going to Spain,  I'm coming home!!

Man it is so good to hear everyone going through the Temple, that place is going to be packed when we all get back...there will be no room for you oldies!!

How long till Tia and Robert get married, can't wait to see photos of them married. it's so crazy to think that all these people will either be married or on their missions when I get home.

That’s crazy that the girls are heading over to England and it's snowing, they won't know what going to hit them with the cold haha. It snows here sometimes, in the freezer!!! but I prefer the heat to the cold. I love coming home at night to a freezing apartment after being out all day in the sweaty sun, and having a cold bottle of water.

It was the biggest surprise to see Eddie here in Darwin. It was during sacrament and I looked back and I was like what the heck what is he doing here hahaha!!  I asked how long he is staying for and he said until Esetah gets back haha, but yer it is good to see them going to church and to the ysa activities. 4 of them moved, Eddie and his brother, Jordan and another guy for Liverpool.

Man the work is going ok, every time we find someone knew to teach, someone else drops off and so we only have 5 or 6 investigators at a time, and it's the worst when the ones that drop off seemed the most interested to learn. but other than that we taught 12 investigator lessons and a few less active and going to our families, having dinner and teaching them, And next week we are trying to go for 20 lessons and have them all progressing.

Is everyone going to start popping out babies soon?  Keep me up to date with them all. I did get the photos of  Bec's reception, I loved the boots lol.  

love you heaps  Elder Duffus :)

mmm who is the melon head here!!

I wonder if my child realises that it is illegal to take a shopping trolley home?

showering in the rain.  whats really funny about these last two photos, is that we have the same from Matt on his mission.  they are nothing alike lol

Email 2/4/13

Yes I get to email, it's just public holidays are a good time to catch people at home so we work and p day is today.

Jayden emailed me!! that's so crazy, I'm so jealous hahahaha, not really I love my mission. Other people to look out for their mission calls are Pule, Tipe and Nikee Hart. .Jayjay wrote to me and said that he has been going to everything in ysa and is so pumped to be putting his papers in 2 weeks, so keep me up to date with that as well, can't wait to hear where they are all going.

Everyone is having babies!! but it's so weird to hear that someone is married and having a baby because here in Darwin I don't think people know what marriage is... which makes it hard because we can't baptize them if they aren't.

This week has been good. we got dropped by someone that had a baptismal date but at the end of the week we were able to find 4 or 5 people who the lord has definitely been preparing.

It is now officially the wet season and every day and  we get smashed by the rain. it's horrible when it rains during the day because it stops us doing so much work... no one wants to talk to us if you're dripping wet.

yes dad, grandma was very excited to tell me about the doggies big win, she said the paper had tipped them for the wooden spoon so that's good that it might not happen.

I don't have any real exciting news this week but pray that you will hear some good news next week :)

Love you all and miss everyone

Elder Duffus

Email 7/5/13
I tell everyone about how the family moved and I tell them how excited I am that we don't have to worry about a leaking roof anymore, I feel sorry for the next people that move in. hahaha. I thought I got out of cleaning the house before we moved but it actually turned out that we were helping a family move out so we did wall cleaning windows fans and everything that I was hoping I didn't have to do. the Lord doesn't want me to miss out on the experiences ;)
I don't care about you getting rid of all my stuff, just as long as the Xbox my laptop and bike are still there hahaha. mans its so exciting that Eleisha is off on her mission now. She will get home just before me as well. I found out about Tipe in the email from Alyssa because she emailed me! that's so exciting for her. Is there a new mission opening in Sydney?
JayJay told me about dance fest and said that every Stake did really well. It seems like YSA is going really well. I cant wait for him to get his call. I told him to video record it and send it to me.
This week has been really good. we taught the most lessons this week than I have on the mission and we had some really good lessons with people. one would have to be a 22 year old Philippino named Chris. Some of the other elders helped him move his car off the road and asked for his address and we went and visited him. he was saying that every time in his life that it is getting hard or he's having a crap day the missionaries always show up. he was telling us when he lived in Canberra he went without food for 3 days because he had no money left so the missionaries met him and fed him and gave him the restoration pamphlet. he's said he read it a couple of times and felt something different. at the end of our chat with him we said a prayer and when we finished he was tearing up saying that he felt really good about us being there and that he feels like we are opening up a door within him. this is just one of the good experiences this week.

like I said I have no motivation to do the health kick thing because of a few reasons. my companion is trying to put on weight, I just burn everything off. and its too expensive to eat healthy.
the family that we have been teaching is going alright. we will find out today if they are going to get baptised soon because they need a loan for their wedding and if they don't get it they have to postpone it.
How did Tashs and Simba go with the move?  did you put butter on their feet?  have they settled in?
I will be going to a members house on Sunday at about 3pm Darwin time. so that when we are able to Skype (for no longer the 40 minutes) for mothers day.  looking forward to talking to you and dad.
love you all Elder Duffus
PS the first photo is Jason. as less active member and the second is just the clouds in the morning

 Email 13/5/13
It was good to talk to you both but as we talked yesterday, I have nothing else to tell you haha.  so I am taking your email time to write to others.
here are some photos for you.
love you Elder Duffus

Email 20/5/13

this is what we got this week - gotta love him!!  he has been transferred and we will find out where he is on Monday.


on flight q757 Elder Duffus pack 23kg

love you Elder Duffus


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